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This Natural Stone is sure to Impress!

Kitchens are the most visited rooms in a house, and they need high functionality with long-lasting durability. Benchtops in a variety of shapes and colors may give your interior decoration some flair – being appropriate to your needs and featuring fantastic designs. Natural stone benchtops in marble are the most popular for longer life and elegant appearances, since there are many materials to choose from.

Natural stones come from all over the world and are formed by nature itself.  If you want a classy and luxurious appearance its the ideal solution.  Natural stone benchtops are always elegant, inspired by nature. They come in a variety of colour tones and provide a soothing atmosphere by providing a rugged yet beautiful aesthetic appeal. At Melbourne, Australian Granite House provides high-quality and world-class natural stone kitchen countertops in a variety of colour tones, ranging from marble to granite and grey-coloured marble. Natural stone benchtops in marble are the most popular for their long life and elegant style, as there are many kinds of materials available on the market.

If you select natural stone for your project, we highly advise that you visit and inspect the slab at the manufacturer’s facility. We require the supplier name, stone name, batch number, and slab numbers for you to supply/order the stone. 

Different stones may provide their own aesthetic effects and physical characteristics when used in natural stone benchtop, giving them a unique look. Limestone, marble, granite, and quartzite are the four most popular stones. They are all quite durable. Limestone is the most common of these stones. Granite, on the other hand, has a distinctive look that many people appreciate. Quartzite offers a more rough appearance than marble but feels firmer to the touch. Marble might be more expensive than limestone or quartzite depending on how it’s cut into.

A Melbourne-based Natural Stone Benchtop expert

Australian Granite House believes that kitchens should be the focal point of your home, and as a result, we utilize only high-quality Australian granite for our natural stone benchtops and skilled designers and craftsmen with state-of-the-art manufacturing procedures. Natural stone benchtops are easy to clean due on to their low porous qualities. They can be cleaned very simply with a wet cloth by wiping them down, resisting scratches, stains, and scuffs. 

Natural stone kitchen benchtops are a great investment for those in the construction business, since they are waterproof and can endure high temperatures owing to their heat-resistant features. Granite and marble benchtops are beautiful, warm, and timeless additions to your home that provide a natural element. Unlike Laminex, which is not long-lasting and once chipped can’t be fixed, natural stone does not degrade over time and is more durable than Laminex. Natural stone benchtops are scratch- and heat-resistant, making them ideal for an attractive kitchen benchtop.

Simply the best choice for all of your natural stone kitchen benchtop needs in Melbourne and the adjacent areas. Our high-quality benchtops, which are both long-lasting and easy to maintain, come in natural stone, which is a good investment for your kitchen. We also try to give our customers the greatest alternatives to pick in order to improve client satisfaction.Our unrivalled excellence in natural stone benchtop and engineered marble benchtops is ideal for your kitchens. Call us for great ideas in stone products for your house and business in Melbourne.

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