Engineered Stone Benchtop Melbourne

Bring Life Back into Your Home with Engineered Stone Benchtop 

Discover why Australian Granite House is preferred by architects, interior designers, and many of Melbourne’s most fashionable home owners for its beauty and durability. Is this the type of kitchen countertop you had in mind? One that is both attractive and affordable, yet still provides the usefulness of quartz, such as exceptional durability.

For purchasers who require beautiful yet cost-effective building materials, engineered stone is ideal. Quartz, colors, resin, and additives are added to man-made stone in a process known as “engineered stone,” which means you won’t have to seal your stone every few years. Australian Granite House takes pride in providing Australian made Engineered stone for your kitchen benchtops, bathroom vanities and bar tops. How about an Australian-made Australian Granite House product that you can enjoy for years to come? Let’s not forget the lifetime warranty we give you on our Australian Granite House products! 

We introduce the most creative and innovative kitchen design concepts for integrating a new engineered stone benchtop into your kitchen to create a space that your family and guests can enjoy. Engineered stone is resistant to weathering, making it a popular choice for kitchen countertops, splash backs, vanities, and other applications. Because of this material’s durability, it is scratch, stain, heat, and chip resistant – making it ideal for the kitchen, where it is constantly utilized!

Why is Australian Granite House the best choice for your  Engineered stone benchtop?

Our staff is dedicated enough to spend the time necessary to get a full grasp of your needs. We’ll go out of our way and eliminate all the hassles so that we can satisfy deadlines and provide exceptional customer service each and every time. 

In addition, we provide bespoke solutions for your Vanity and kitchen benchtop to create a stylish yet practical and efficient living area. Our team is made up of individuals with significant expertise in the industry, allowing us to provide a one-stop shop for your firm’s facilities needs. This means that whatever your space’s demands are, we’ll create a comprehensive answer using our skills and experience.

Replace your old kitchen benchtop  or vanity tops with Australian Granite House’s range of benchtops. We are one of the best suppliers in Australia, so you can order your stone benches online or visit our showroom for a personalised experience. Australian Granite House takes pride in creating products that can seamlessly blend into any environment while still holding their unique character.

We guarantee that all our products meet Australian standards, which ensure durability and quality throughout each product’s lifespan. Australian Granite House also provides easy-to-clean surfaces, allowing you to maintain your new kitchen surface without much effort or time spent on care. This is perfect for busy families who spend very little time preparing meals but want high-quality appliances to use when food preparation time does arise. 

If you’re considering upgrading your kitchen and adding a new sense of life to it, give the team a call. We may provide you with a variety of engineered stone benchtop that are specifically sized for your kitchen’s unique dimensions.

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