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Other Features


Dropdown is when the side panels are also in stone and they go all the way to the floor. If your stone has special features or veins running in it we advise that the thickness of the edges be at least 60mm to show the full beauty of the stone.



This is an example of a dropdown on an Island Bench with 60mm thickness. This job is an actual job done by Australian Granite House. The stone pieces on this bench have been vein matched.




This work of Australian Granite House shows a dropdown with 40mm to 60mm thickness.



Sleek yet stylish is this dropdown with a 40mm thickness.


Undermount Sink

Undermount Sink is when the benchtop is mounted over the sink and the sink hangs underneath it. This gives the benchtop a continuous flow from countertop into sink. It is a challenging task and at Australian Granite House, we see to it that the benchtop is installed and sealed in perfectly well to avoid leakage and provide support to sink.


For this benchtop two sinks have been perfectly undermounted by Australian Granite House.


Semi Recess

Semi Recessed Bench is when the stone drops down but not all the way to the floor. This stone bench style is sometimes used in bathrooms. Like in this picture. This technique can also be applied for kitchen benchtops.


This job is an actual job by Australian Granite House for IKEA Shop. A good example of a Semi Recessed Bench.