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To keep your stone surface looking attractive during its lifetime we advise that you stick to these simple guidelines;

  • Scratching: Abrasive cleaning material or chemicals can scratch your benchtop as well as dragging coarse items across your stonetop.
  • Staining Acid: Some natural stones are particular porous such as marble and extra precaution must be taken with your marble benchtops. Just in general you should clean spills straight away. Some spills are acidic to begin with, such lemon or vinegar. Just to note that most spills will become acidic over time. Fluids that ooze out of meat for example such as blood will become acidic. These will destroy the lustrous (glossy) polished surface of you stonetop. It will give it dull and stained look.
  • Everyday Cleaning: You may clean your benchtop with your everyday dishwashing detergent or warm soapy water. An occasional use of bleach to wipe off stubborn stains will not damage your benchtop provided it is wiped off and not left to dry. However we do not recommend using bleach as an everyday cleaner.
  • Heat: Although stone is highly resistant to heat any material can potentially be damaged by sudden and rapid temperature changes. It is therefore not advisable to place hot saucepans directly off the stove onto your bench tops. We advise particular care where the two pieces of stone have been joined together (the join). Placing hot surfaces such as hot saucepans directly of the stove could potentially damage them however warm substances will not cause any damage.