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Benchtop Design

Designing Your Benchtop

At Australian Granite House, we want to make the process of getting your marble, granite or reconstituted stone benchtops a pleasant experience.

Our aim is to keep the experience stress-free without compromising on quality or workmanship. It's good if you know what colour of stone and what type of edges you would like. If you don't, you can get an idea by browsing through our website.

Builders and cabinetmakers will have some knowledge or expertise about the stone benchtop process. If you are home owners, renovaters\DIYers and have some questions, we will be happy to discuss your queries and assist you in the whole process.

Please don’t hesitate to call us to organise a time to view the colours and edging samples we have in our factory showroom. We are conveniently located in Coburg North (very close to the Village Drive-In).

Getting a stone benchtop from us is an easy 5-step process.

  • Get a quote
  • Strike a deal
  • Template pick up
  • Manufacture
  • Installation

Our usual turnaround time from the deposit receipt and template pick up is 7 days.

Benchtop Design

Get a Quote

As a starting point, you can directly email or fax through the stone benchtop measurements or design with other specifications, such as colour and edge profile shape and thickness. We will get back to you with a quote usually by the next day.

You can drop by as well. Bring your measurements, and view all the colour ranges available from all the major stone suppliers.

These colours can also be viewed on our website.

If we are given the job, we can negotiate a deal that will suit both of us. As standard practice, we ask for a 50% deposit as a confirmation of our deal.

Alternative arrangements can be made for returning clients.

Edge Profiles

These shapes depict the basic types of edging you can have for stone benchtops.

The thickness of the edge can range from 20 mm to 40 mm, even 60 mm to 80 mm. The type of stone you choose can determine the type of edge you need to have. For stones with special features and veins, we advise you go with a thicker edge profile to show the full beauty of your stone benchtop.

Edge Profiles

The most common is the 40 mm square edge polished profile.

Other Features


A dropdown is when the side panels are also stone and continue all the way to the floor. If your stone has special features or veins, we advise that the thickness of the edges be at least 60 mm to display its full beauty.

Undermount Sink

An undermount sink is when the benchtop is mounted over the sink and the sink hangs underneath it. This gives the benchtop a continuous flow from countertop into sink. It is a challenging task and, at Australian Granite House, we ensure the benchtop is installed and sealed in perfectly provide support to the sink and avoid leakage.

For this benchtop two sinks have been perfectly undermounted by Australian Granite House.

Semi Recessed

A semi recessed bench is when the stone drops, but not all the way to the floor. This stone bench style is sometimes used in bathrooms, like in this picture. This technique can also be applied to kitchen benchtops.

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