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R.H.F Quartz Stone

Founded in 2008, R.H.F Quartz Stone Australia has been providing high quality stone which is synthesised with quartz crystal (93%), resin (7%) and a small amount of inorganic pigment, which is processed under vacuum condition and through heterogeneous material aggregation technology. It is hardened into fixed thickness products in high temperature, high pressure, grinding and polishing. Its high percentage of quartz crystal ensures its hard and compact structure, which makes it incomparable in the resistance to abrasion, compression, scratch, high temperature, corrosion and penetration. With excellent surface smoothness and gloss, and colourful combinations, our quartz products have similar gloss and texture as natural ones. In brief, all of these prominent advantages have made our products widely used in flooring, wall-covering, counter tops, vanity tops, table tops, windowsills, bar counters, and many other decorative projects.

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